About Odyssey

Odyssey Films was founded in 2009 by Justin & Becca Renaud--a husband and wife who complement each other in their strengths (and probably in their weaknesses, but we're not going to talk about those). Justin's the creative side of the business: his passion for video shooting and editing has taken him in a number of different directions. For instance, he's enjoyed traveling to multiple countries to shoot video, editing that footage to speak to what makes a person, a culture, or a group. Justin enjoys the opportunity to edit almost as much as he enjoys capturing the footage in the first place. Becca's role lies in the less-creative realm (everyone needs a balance, right?): bringing Justin back down to earth. Becca helps Justin talk through the logistics (planning shoots, purchasing equipment, invoicing) in ways that only an analytical introvert could. If you're looking for someone to chat with you over lunch and help bring your video to life, that's Justin. If you're wondering who's behind the scenes, supporting Justin's vision and helping him mentally organize your shoot, that's Becca.